COVID-19 | Monterey County, CA

Situation Summary, Significant Events

We tell our COVID-19 tale with focus on CSVS, our patients and staff, our organization, its systems and subsystems. But we are not an island: we are residents, elements and integral part of the Monterey County, California; our experiences mirror those of our neighbors in the county even though there are community-differences in viral infection rates.

CSVS has a superb history of cooperation with the Monterey County Health Department. When Influenza was the virus du jour (remember when?), we adhered to the Health Officer’s recommendations, each year. The current COVID-19 pandemic is no different; our work is complementary to that of the Health Department. For example, CSVS has provided almost 15% of the COVID-19 testing done in the county. We are also available and ready to play our part in mass immunization programs against COVID-19, following our recent work doing the same for the county’s First Responders.

Here is the link to the County website where one can find a COVID-19 timeline under “Significant Events” subheading: COVID-19 | Monterey County, CA

It starts appropriately with “Situation Summary”.

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The timeline provides context for our journal, representing a seamless shared experience.