But for PPE’s and Telehealth, and of course, the indomitable will and dedication of the staff and patients, COVID-19 aimed to sign off on the epitaph of our healthcare delivery systems. \(~\)

Signature of COVID-19

Anatomy of the signature of a killer-virus

Signature of a system-impacting virus. COVID-19 not only affects and kills people: it also impacts and kills systems. Like all respectable signatures, it is dated–the beginning of March 2020, to be specific, for our organization. Note the sharp drop of a performance indicator, a floor, and recovery phase. Patterns vary. (All images taken from CSVS COVID-19 testing data. The performance index used is daily visits.)

Signature of COVID-19 – hidden

Raw Performance indicators – daily visits

The signature is hidden in there, but it takes using standard industrial time-averaging to reveal itself: see below…

Signature of COVID-19 – revealed

Averaged performance

Viola! The signature is revealed. Averaged means does the trick.

Signature of COVID-19 – Patterns: temporary shut-down, partial recovery

Averaged performance

System (or subsystem) closed for a while but then started back up by the second week of June 2020. Note incomplete recovery as at year-end.

Signature of COVID-19 – Patterns: No shut-down, flat recovery

Averaged performance

No complete shut-down but recovery is flat. Note the dip in early December. COVID-19 does not have a monopoly or exclusive on calamities. Our system network nesting our EHR was one of the collateral victims of a major cyberattack in the US, so computing performance was interrupted for the duration.

Signature of COVID-19 – Patterns: No shut-down, further decline

Averaged performance

This subsystem, after surviving the onset of attack, shows signs of further performance dwindling.

Signature of COVID-19 – Patterns: No shut-down, full recovery

Averaged performance

This subsystem survived and recovered nicely (only to be hit by the fallout from a national cyberattack in December).